Falken, also known as the Creator, was the Half who became the first Human.


Breakaway Arc

Falken was born as a Half in 1578 BO. He was strictly opposed to the government of the Halves, and was the one who popularized the term 'Half.' He began calling the Infrets 'Halves' in order to protest, believing that he wasn't part of them. The purpose of the name 'Half' was to label the Halves as being incomplete. Falken believed that the world couldn't exist with Halves alone, and that the world didn't need the Halves in order to survive. The Halves disagreed with Falken's reasoning, and, seeing him as a threat, imprisoned him in the Great Abyss, where they left him to die.

Unfortunately for the Halves, Falken did not give up hope. During his time in the Great Abyss, Falken made many irreversible genetic changes, such as the development of emotions. He officially became the first Human, but he was so far the only one. After days of searching, Falken found an exit from the Great Abyss that lead into the sea. Falken escaped the prison, and swam to a small island, where he constructed a boat and attempted to sail back to the Half Continent.

Falken's boat was attacked by a storm, which sent him in the wrong direction. With no choice left, Falken accepted his fate and hoped to land on a shore. The boat washed up on the shores of an island in the Tse Continent, where Falken ate and constructed a larger ship. He sailed back to the Half Continent, where he hoped to gain more support.

When he arrived, he discovered that there was an ongoing revolution, called the Nationalist Revolution. The nationalists were fighting in the name of Falken, who they believed was dead, and others who had been killed by the old government. Falken's appearance and discovery gained much support for the Nationalist Party. Falken fought in many battles, but the Nationalist Party gradually lost support due to its lack of success. In the end, the remaining nationalists were defeated and imprisoned.

Falken Arc


Zelodor Arc