Humans are one of the main species in the Malice universe, along with the Infrets.


After Falken found the Sword of Creation and Destruction, he used it to create the Humans in 1557 AO. Falken established himself as the leader of the Humans, and had a major influence on Human culture. He created the Human language and most Human traditions. After the death of Falken, members of the Falken Bloodline declared themselves as the legitimate successors of Falken, but saw little success.



The Humans and the Wizards were thought to be the same species until the discovery of Runes. The Humans felt threatened by the Wizards, resulting in the violent Pre-Wizard Massacre and other campaigns against the Wizards. The Wizards were discriminated and looked down upon in Human society until the establishment of Order.

The city of Highcliff was established as a sanctuary after the establishment of Order.